Saturday, March 6, 2010


I have not blogged for a while due to massive family illness. Rowan has had a constant ear infection for about the last 7 months, he just finished his 7th dose of amox since birth? Yea, its horrid. He is now a year old so he will get to have tubes put in, so hopefully my little man will start feeling better. Due to the Rx meds, his stomach has been pretty iffy and his resistance is low so he has came down with every cold along the way. We also found that he has environmental cough variant asthma, just like Mason. So pretty much every night he coughs while he is sleeping and we have him on an Rx inhaler with allergy meds a constant. The only real solution to ridding the asthma is moving out of the valley. However, Mason's dad lives and has a family dairy here so moving would be really unfair to Mason and his dad. OH! I almost forgot, London and Rowan BOTH had pink eye. So these past 2 weeks have been filled with ear, eye and nose drops. wanna bring your kids for a playdate? I think not.