Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still alive.

I will blog regularly again.
Just not right now.
Life is good, it is super sweet actually.
My kids are growing, learning tons and enjoying this super mild summer weather.
My friend of 15+ years, Jen, came to visit from Virginia. She got to meet Betsey for the first time, I got to see her adorable 8 1/2 month preggo belly with her third!
Betsey smiles now.
I'm missin my lovie Mason while he spends this week with his dad but Sunday isn't too far away.
VBS is on going this week and my daughter is expanding her knowledge of God and his love for her.
I am being super blessed by fellowship with awesome moms in the morning drinking good coffee and having some delicious berry smoothies and Rowan is making new friends that are his age and totally coming out of his shell.
I was speaking the truth, it's super sweet.
I mean seriously, what more could you ask for?
here's a look, via instagram:


my sweet friend Melodie, the smoothie maker



London Rose

my Rowan is so handsome

it feels good fitting into pre pregnancy clothes