Friday, April 29, 2011

the stash.

I saw this photo via pinterest today and I fell in love with it! Totally reminds me of my grandma's turquoise jewelry stash I used to play with as a little girl. In 2007, my great grandma passed away and my aunt, my grandma and I were sitting down finishing planning her funeral services and my aunt started talking about things of my grandma's (her mom) that she would love to have when that day comes (we are so morbid, I know) and I said "all I want is the turquoise jewelry". My aunt went on to say that all jewelry will be going to her and so you can totally imagine how that conversation went. See my grandma raised me, so my aunt is really like an older sister to me and we were arguing like sisters when my grandma finally broke up the argument and was like uh hello? I'm still alive, and I'm not giving my stash to either one of you, I'm leaving it to Joey (my husband) and Joey looked at Renee then at me and left the room so fast before we jumped him. So the joke still stands, Joe will inherit the stash, he feel so privileged haha. But anyways after seeing that photo of the turquoise wedding ring, I was like wow I wish I would have picked something like that out for my wedding ring. I love my ring, but that one is so pretty to me. So I googled a bit and found a few others that I really liked too. Maybe for an anniversary present *hint*


Thursday, April 28, 2011

so fast.

everything. So so so fast.

I am 34 weeks and 4 days.
Can you believe that?
I had my last baby at 37 weeks.
I think this baby will come then too. Lots and lots of painful contractions, lots of pressure, lots of complaining, let me tell ya!
In 2 weeks, I will have a baby shower. I know, I know, it's very strange, some may say tacky to have a shower for your 4th child especially since we already have a girl. But my very generous mother in law really has been aching to throw one and she has never had to opportunity to throw one and I am her only daughter. So we will be having a "last baby shower". I'm excited to hang out with family at their adorable country farm and sip on ice tea and eat red velvet cup cakes and I'm really hoping to get some BumGenius cloth diapers as a gift *hint*hint* I will be 36 weeks, and I have been putting off getting anything and all things ready for Betsey's arrival until after the shower. And it's been tough! Then the week after that I will be 37 weeks! Full term. yikes. The following week after that, my husband will be leaving for Monterrey for work, so I am really really praying very hard every day that God will let this baby come the week before that, it would be obviously ideal. I still have not finished our nursery, in fact I sold our crib! One of the screws was warped, and a lady said she didn't care she would fix it and bought it. But we just use the pack n play for the first couple of months anyways. I am trying to not stress on the girls room, because I'd rather just take my time because I am like that......a procrastinator.
Totally random, but am I the only one who is going to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the Royal Wedding? I'm crazy.

Monday, April 18, 2011

one day....

after I have this baby, after I lose this baby weight, I will wear cute clothes again......I just know it.

window shopping:








Forever 21


Monday, April 11, 2011

oh glucose test.

I was told by my midwife that I failed my last glucose test that I took at 28 weeks. I was a 133 and the highest you should be is 130 so I am having to take a 3 hours test now and fast before hand....yay me!
I'm thinking it was a false positive, however, I have been pretty shaky if I do not get enough protein to eat, and headaches with being light headed so I am taking the test this thursday. I am officially 32 weeks! crazy. 5 weeks till Betsey is considered full term, 7 weeks until I have my cesarean. I do not have an official date, I will get that at my next appointment on the 20th but they do them at 39 weeks. I have been having braxton hicks contractions like crazy, with a ton of cramping. I'm like why is my stupid body doing this? this is not how we do things so there is no point in "prepping" my body for labor, because it doesn't work that way!! some are not painful, just major tightening of my stomach muscles then some are pretty intense but don't last long, either way....annoying.

I colored my hair red, I like it. I don't know how long I will keep it, it fades so quickly.
London and I painted our nails a fun mint color this weekend as we laid out in the backyard soaking up some 70 degree sunshine and drinking lemonade while the boys watched the Angels game and played catch in the yard next to us.

Mason showing his little sis how to smash the egg and squish the bug aka batting stance 
some lovely photobooth photos showing off our minty nails

london wanted a photo with the tummy, and rowan did too

a 32 week Betsey in tummy with a 3 year old excited soon to be big sister