Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my eggo is preggo.

That is right.
Bebe Contente #4 is cooking away in my tummy and we are so so so SO excited!
A few posts back I had blogged about my horrid IUD and finally said see ya later to that mess and we decided to try and have a baby.
I have never really "planned" a pregnancy. Mason was a total surprise, with London we were not trying but also not doing anything to prevent it and Rowan was a total surprise. And that is how life goes with the Contentes. We are not planners, we are easy going people who take whatever God gives us do just fine. But this time, I was planning and I was reminded of why I do not like to plan.
1. It doesn't happen right away
2. If it does, you have to wait a month to find out
3. I hate waiting
4. It's incredibly awkward to tell people you are "trying" like yes, we are having unprotected sex.

So after one month of nothing, came the second month. One evening, I was really sick and was up all night throwing up. I never do that. Ever. I though omg I am pregnant! I took a test and set it on the bathroom counter & after waiting and not seeing a second line I left. Then I came back about 10 minutes later and sure enough there was the faintest line. I screamed, cried a little and did a gig. I called my husband and he was excited, but I said "it's the 17th, I'm not due for my you know what till the 1st. It's too early so we can't be sure". I waited 4 days took another test, a digital one. It was negative. I was pissed. Well, the symptoms increased, lots of nausea, dizziness and me going to bed at 7pm. So this weekend, I was like if I'm not pregnant that I am seriously nuts because that means all of this morning sickness stuff is just in my head. But sure enough, this weekend, I made a trip to target for clear blue digital tests. My husband and kids were waiting in the car because I said I was just running in to get diapers (lie, oops) and I bought the test ran to the bathroom and peed and it lit up like a christmas tree PREGNANT! I did a happy dance in the bathroom of target and let out a little scream of excitement. To those that we peeing in restroom at the same time, I am sorry for startling you.

I was so anxious to tell Joe that I walked super fast to the automatic doors to exit, like that fast funny walk that dancers do when they are exiting a stage or old people when they are trying to get to the bathroom in time, and then started a slow jog that led to a sprint to the car, and totally terrified Joe when I yelled OMG IM PREGNANT JOEY! everyone in the parking lot, in Fresno, at 9pm at night were like "what a freak" oops. It's just so weird that I have been this sick because I have never really had morning sickness before. Especially this early in a pregnancy, so weird. I'm going to make my appointment today and see whats going on. Maybe the midwife can prescribe something for me, because it sucks, so bad.

I also have a confession. When we decided to start "trying" I started a baby registry. I'm such a freak I know. Well, it's not really a registry, more of a wish list. My husband was so annoyed with "do you like this one, or this one" for the baby that didn't exist. But I had faith that God had one more baby up there for us, and sure enough He did.
According to the math, I'm due the first week of June. Since I'm a c-section-er that means that I will probably have the baby in late May. So yay!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I wanted to post about London's carnival birthday party, as it was a....production. seriously.
John built booths, Joe, Danny & Richard painted it white, light pink and gold. And we put balloons everywhere....112 to be exact. My mother in law has a huge side yard where they park their RV, so it was cleared out and ready for a party. We had a snow cone & cotton candy machine! Perfect for the 100+ weather that day. We had planned on having a clown come for an hour to do some games and face painting with the kids, but it didn't work out. So I planned for the party to start at 10am, we would visit then start games at 10:30. Let the kids run around and play for an hour, then start the BBQ serve lunch, and then cake and open presents. So I figured 10-12:30/1pm. However, my very generous mother in law Diane, suprised us with not just 1 clown, with 3!!! They came at 11 and stayed till one. They were fantastic, games, balloons, amazing facepainting, they did tattoos and jewelry making with the kids. They also gave out prizes, which included whoppie cushions. I can not tell you how excited Mason was. His other one magically disappeared after he followed me around in Target letting it off and telling everyone his mom had gas. yup, I have no idea what happened to the thing :)
However, because the clowns were there till 1, it pushed lunch and everything back and the party ended at 4ish. I know everyone had fun, but sorry for taking up everyone's Saturday, we appreciate you coming and celebrating London's special day.
Here are some pictures from the day, I am a bad mom and didn't take any pictures of all of the games! so it's kind of hit or miss and thank God Diane took lots of pictures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


When I started planning London's birthday party, I went to visit my" main lady" for inspiration. She had this great carnival themed party idea on her website and I was determined to have that exact party for London. I bought all of the supplies at Michaels and was set to go. That was until London saw the decorations and had a fit. Want to guess why? because "the pink is gone mommy, where's the pink?" thats right. I had picked out traditional carnival colors for the party, you know yellow, blue, red & orange. No pink. So She came with me to Michaels, we returned the "boy stuff" and I let her pick out what she wanted. I was like ok, I can do pink, we will do pastel pinks, purples and yellow, it'll be perfect. Oh holy no. London wanted like highlighter pink, with glitter, it might as well have been a dang Bratz doll themed party. I hated it, she loved it. Insane.
So fortunately for me, I had already done the invitations "my way", so at least I got some input even though it wasn't my party. I guess for my 25th party this year, I'll have my own traditional themed carnival party. just kidding...really.
I thought I would post a little tutorial on London's invites since I got such great feedback from friends and family on them.

First things first.
I bought all of the supplies at Michaels and I started with this card set:

I printed all of the party info on the back of the invite, but I'm not showing that because I don't want any creeps to know my phone number or address, sorry creeps.
Then I glued the front scalloped robins egg piece to the red which had the info printed on the other side:

Then I cut out a booth top out of scrapbook paper in a red/white striped pattern:

I also used some construction paper we already had in our craft stuff and cut out the rest of the booth. I used the glue stuck to put it together:

I bought a little stamp kit, and used it to print on the front of the invite:

Then I attached a "ticket" for admission to the party via a super mini clothespin:

This was all inspiration via Martha Stewart check her out for DIY party ideas, it was so budget friendly and easy peasy to put together, and the best part, adorable.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well, hello.

It has been forever since I have posted.
I would apologize, but I have this blog mostly for myself as a way to vent and use it partially as free therapy, so really no need for an apology and also because I don't even know if anyone really cares :)

So what has been going on in "I am Content(e)-land"?
I'll tell you.
My son started kindergarten and my daughter turned three, I ended a friendship, thats what.
Mason started MIQ, a small private catholic school, and he loves it and is completely thriving. He is also under the impression that he starts college next year. I always wanted to really push how important college is, and that it isn't an option but I might have pushed that a taaaaaad bit too much. he he. I am so proud of Mason. He is seriously the smartest 5 year old boy that I have ever met. He had show n tell, brought his baby jaguar & silverback gorilla. He told his class that the jaguar comes from South America, and lives in the rainforest and eats turtles. He said that the silverback is alpha, which means the leader man gorilla and lives in Africa. I was impressed.

London turned three. She had an amazing carnival themed birthday party, completely indulgent in every aspect.
When you would ask her what she wanted for her birthday, she would respond "chocolate cake".
Let let me tell you about Miss London Rose.
She is a GIRLY girl, to the extreme.
At first, I was a bit disappointed by it because I felt that she was growing up too fast by wanted to wear heels everywhere and getting into my makeup constantly, but then I realized that she is playing pretend 24/7 and what more could a parent want then to have their child using their imagination and being creative all the time.
If you are familiar with Fancy Nancy books, then you pretty much have London figured out.
At night, when she prays she starts out her prayer for her Grandpa Monty, then for the pink. What is the pink? I am assuming it is everything that she loves, because she loves pink, and her doll "Jolie", and her barbies, and her tutu, and her fairy wings, and her play "high heels" and sometimes when we go to Target, she wears and brings all of the above. I love it. All of it.

As for the friendship, I am ok and I feel good about my decision. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest and I am ready to move forward with a positive outlook on it.

I will be posting lots of pictures soon. Keep checking friends.