Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well, hello.

It has been forever since I have posted.
I would apologize, but I have this blog mostly for myself as a way to vent and use it partially as free therapy, so really no need for an apology and also because I don't even know if anyone really cares :)

So what has been going on in "I am Content(e)-land"?
I'll tell you.
My son started kindergarten and my daughter turned three, I ended a friendship, thats what.
Mason started MIQ, a small private catholic school, and he loves it and is completely thriving. He is also under the impression that he starts college next year. I always wanted to really push how important college is, and that it isn't an option but I might have pushed that a taaaaaad bit too much. he he. I am so proud of Mason. He is seriously the smartest 5 year old boy that I have ever met. He had show n tell, brought his baby jaguar & silverback gorilla. He told his class that the jaguar comes from South America, and lives in the rainforest and eats turtles. He said that the silverback is alpha, which means the leader man gorilla and lives in Africa. I was impressed.

London turned three. She had an amazing carnival themed birthday party, completely indulgent in every aspect.
When you would ask her what she wanted for her birthday, she would respond "chocolate cake".
Let let me tell you about Miss London Rose.
She is a GIRLY girl, to the extreme.
At first, I was a bit disappointed by it because I felt that she was growing up too fast by wanted to wear heels everywhere and getting into my makeup constantly, but then I realized that she is playing pretend 24/7 and what more could a parent want then to have their child using their imagination and being creative all the time.
If you are familiar with Fancy Nancy books, then you pretty much have London figured out.
At night, when she prays she starts out her prayer for her Grandpa Monty, then for the pink. What is the pink? I am assuming it is everything that she loves, because she loves pink, and her doll "Jolie", and her barbies, and her tutu, and her fairy wings, and her play "high heels" and sometimes when we go to Target, she wears and brings all of the above. I love it. All of it.

As for the friendship, I am ok and I feel good about my decision. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest and I am ready to move forward with a positive outlook on it.

I will be posting lots of pictures soon. Keep checking friends.

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Jon and Jolie said...

Happy Birthday, London! I love your dolls name! Can't wait to see pictures of this carnival party! :)