Thursday, September 16, 2010


When I started planning London's birthday party, I went to visit my" main lady" for inspiration. She had this great carnival themed party idea on her website and I was determined to have that exact party for London. I bought all of the supplies at Michaels and was set to go. That was until London saw the decorations and had a fit. Want to guess why? because "the pink is gone mommy, where's the pink?" thats right. I had picked out traditional carnival colors for the party, you know yellow, blue, red & orange. No pink. So She came with me to Michaels, we returned the "boy stuff" and I let her pick out what she wanted. I was like ok, I can do pink, we will do pastel pinks, purples and yellow, it'll be perfect. Oh holy no. London wanted like highlighter pink, with glitter, it might as well have been a dang Bratz doll themed party. I hated it, she loved it. Insane.
So fortunately for me, I had already done the invitations "my way", so at least I got some input even though it wasn't my party. I guess for my 25th party this year, I'll have my own traditional themed carnival party. just kidding...really.
I thought I would post a little tutorial on London's invites since I got such great feedback from friends and family on them.

First things first.
I bought all of the supplies at Michaels and I started with this card set:

I printed all of the party info on the back of the invite, but I'm not showing that because I don't want any creeps to know my phone number or address, sorry creeps.
Then I glued the front scalloped robins egg piece to the red which had the info printed on the other side:

Then I cut out a booth top out of scrapbook paper in a red/white striped pattern:

I also used some construction paper we already had in our craft stuff and cut out the rest of the booth. I used the glue stuck to put it together:

I bought a little stamp kit, and used it to print on the front of the invite:

Then I attached a "ticket" for admission to the party via a super mini clothespin:

This was all inspiration via Martha Stewart check her out for DIY party ideas, it was so budget friendly and easy peasy to put together, and the best part, adorable.