Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I wanted to post about London's carnival birthday party, as it was a....production. seriously.
John built booths, Joe, Danny & Richard painted it white, light pink and gold. And we put balloons everywhere....112 to be exact. My mother in law has a huge side yard where they park their RV, so it was cleared out and ready for a party. We had a snow cone & cotton candy machine! Perfect for the 100+ weather that day. We had planned on having a clown come for an hour to do some games and face painting with the kids, but it didn't work out. So I planned for the party to start at 10am, we would visit then start games at 10:30. Let the kids run around and play for an hour, then start the BBQ serve lunch, and then cake and open presents. So I figured 10-12:30/1pm. However, my very generous mother in law Diane, suprised us with not just 1 clown, with 3!!! They came at 11 and stayed till one. They were fantastic, games, balloons, amazing facepainting, they did tattoos and jewelry making with the kids. They also gave out prizes, which included whoppie cushions. I can not tell you how excited Mason was. His other one magically disappeared after he followed me around in Target letting it off and telling everyone his mom had gas. yup, I have no idea what happened to the thing :)
However, because the clowns were there till 1, it pushed lunch and everything back and the party ended at 4ish. I know everyone had fun, but sorry for taking up everyone's Saturday, we appreciate you coming and celebrating London's special day.
Here are some pictures from the day, I am a bad mom and didn't take any pictures of all of the games! so it's kind of hit or miss and thank God Diane took lots of pictures.

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