Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my eggo is preggo.

That is right.
Bebe Contente #4 is cooking away in my tummy and we are so so so SO excited!
A few posts back I had blogged about my horrid IUD and finally said see ya later to that mess and we decided to try and have a baby.
I have never really "planned" a pregnancy. Mason was a total surprise, with London we were not trying but also not doing anything to prevent it and Rowan was a total surprise. And that is how life goes with the Contentes. We are not planners, we are easy going people who take whatever God gives us do just fine. But this time, I was planning and I was reminded of why I do not like to plan.
1. It doesn't happen right away
2. If it does, you have to wait a month to find out
3. I hate waiting
4. It's incredibly awkward to tell people you are "trying" like yes, we are having unprotected sex.

So after one month of nothing, came the second month. One evening, I was really sick and was up all night throwing up. I never do that. Ever. I though omg I am pregnant! I took a test and set it on the bathroom counter & after waiting and not seeing a second line I left. Then I came back about 10 minutes later and sure enough there was the faintest line. I screamed, cried a little and did a gig. I called my husband and he was excited, but I said "it's the 17th, I'm not due for my you know what till the 1st. It's too early so we can't be sure". I waited 4 days took another test, a digital one. It was negative. I was pissed. Well, the symptoms increased, lots of nausea, dizziness and me going to bed at 7pm. So this weekend, I was like if I'm not pregnant that I am seriously nuts because that means all of this morning sickness stuff is just in my head. But sure enough, this weekend, I made a trip to target for clear blue digital tests. My husband and kids were waiting in the car because I said I was just running in to get diapers (lie, oops) and I bought the test ran to the bathroom and peed and it lit up like a christmas tree PREGNANT! I did a happy dance in the bathroom of target and let out a little scream of excitement. To those that we peeing in restroom at the same time, I am sorry for startling you.

I was so anxious to tell Joe that I walked super fast to the automatic doors to exit, like that fast funny walk that dancers do when they are exiting a stage or old people when they are trying to get to the bathroom in time, and then started a slow jog that led to a sprint to the car, and totally terrified Joe when I yelled OMG IM PREGNANT JOEY! everyone in the parking lot, in Fresno, at 9pm at night were like "what a freak" oops. It's just so weird that I have been this sick because I have never really had morning sickness before. Especially this early in a pregnancy, so weird. I'm going to make my appointment today and see whats going on. Maybe the midwife can prescribe something for me, because it sucks, so bad.

I also have a confession. When we decided to start "trying" I started a baby registry. I'm such a freak I know. Well, it's not really a registry, more of a wish list. My husband was so annoyed with "do you like this one, or this one" for the baby that didn't exist. But I had faith that God had one more baby up there for us, and sure enough He did.
According to the math, I'm due the first week of June. Since I'm a c-section-er that means that I will probably have the baby in late May. So yay!


Kendra Anderson said...

I love reading your blogs! They are so inspirig!! You are such a good Mamma. What an exciting adventure to ne on, motherhood. You would know seeing as this is #4. I am so happy for you and your family!

Sarah Bethuel said...

Yay! Congrats!!!