Thursday, June 24, 2010


warning: this is a post about womanly issues

I got an IUD after having Rowan.
I was terrified to get pregnant again, as London was only 5 months old when I found out I was expecting with Rowan & I was exclusively nursing AND on the pill.
Fertile Myrtle.
I didn't do to much research on it other than I knew that it was very very effective and I am very very forgetful and obviously the pill wasn't working for me.
I received lots of flack from family members when we discussed the IUD, concerning the invasiveness of it that it can cause permanent damage, that it can cause abortions and so forth.
But......I still got it.
And, since then:
I have been on a complete & total emotional roller coaster
Total lack of desire to do anything, and by anything you can guess what that means.
My dr. told me they don't know exactly how the IUD works, well I can tell you how it works, refer to the previous sentence.
My cycle has been more jacked up then I can even describe.
My face looks like a 12 year boys going through puberty
I feel guilty that I ever got it.
I am having a really hard time losing weight, and I have been watching my diet and exercising.
I am making an appointment tomorrow to have it removed.
I am going to go back on the pill, and never looking back.

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JLYoungsma said...

They have a non-hormonal emitting IUD. Maybe look into that??? :(