Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have written and deleted what I had here like a 4 times..........

I want a more traditional family. Don't mistaken this for conservative...Traditional. I didn't have many traditions growing up except ones that revolved around the holidays, and I want more than that for my children.

I want to bake with my kids every weak
Make home made pizzas on Saturday nights.
Turn off the damn Tv and get my kids outside every day.
I want to stop stressing out over such small things and just relax and enjoy these 3 monsters of mine.
I want them to think about their childhood, and feel blessed and not just relieved they are past it.
I want them to grow up and have children and positively say to their own children "this is what I did with my mother...."
I want to set a time aside every day to just play with my kids, no cleaning, just playing.
I want to not yell when I am upset
I want to enjoy bathtime and bedtime instead of freaking out that someone pee'd in the water, or is running around naked, and just laugh at it
I want to buy bikes so that we can ride them to school together in the mornings
I want to make a decent breakfast every morning and sit and enjoy it with my kids and talk about what kind of day we want to have
I want to pray with them more
I want to change.
I need to do the above.

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