Wednesday, February 9, 2011

23 weeks 2 days

24 weeks in 2011
this is me 24 weeks with Rowan in 2008

I guess I could have waited till the 24 week mark.
but I didn't want to. Those photos show how much bigger I am with this 4th pregnancy than my third, I guess it is true that you show faster and larger with each pregnancy

I am just days away from being 6 months along & just went to my midwife appointment on Monday and I am measuring right at 24 weeks, I gained 2 lbs from my last appointment putting me at the 12lb mark now. Baby girl is moving all the times, and I can see my stomach bouncing around and all of the kids and Joe have felt her moving. If I eat ice cream, she goes into a frenzy. Also, when I take a bath she moves like crazy. I'm sure all of these things happened with Rowan, but I don't remember because 2 years ago seems like forever. I can fit into 2 pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans still, but after awhile they wont stay up, so I have graduated into stretchy pants....yay. I don't have any maternity tops, but have raided F21 and Target for every long XL shirt they have, and I'm getting by plus it will be perfect for the gross not pregnant/still look pregnant stage after....wait, I was still in that stage still when I got pregnant, a year and a half later haha
My stroller and carseat have arrived, and we are still working on the dry wall in the girls room but the carpet is up and the hardwood is refinished and the base boards are purchased so things are on their way to being finished and I am so excited.

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