Saturday, February 5, 2011

my ikea finds

We haven't put together the kids rooms yet because we are still refinishing the floors, and have some drywall to replace and paint, plus baseboards and so forth. But we made an ikea run to Palo Alto yesterday and even though I was super hesitant to buy the girls bedding from there, everything looked so much cuter in person and I'm really happy I chose the duvets. The boys made out with a new bunk bed, new bedding, a new mattress for Mason and a new bookcase. We are going for a real modern look for the boys. For the girls, I already have furniture for them so they got new duvets/comforters. We will be reusing Rowan's crib for the new baby and will be painting it red, it is currently white and I have a vintage dresser I will be painting, not sure on the color yet, and using as a dresser/changing table. London's bed is new, with a matching night stand and bookcase and they are in antique white so everything should look really cute together and when it is done. I will still be making a quilts for each of the girls with the e-course I am taking via Smile and Wave. I will post pictures of course.
This is the boys reversible bedding

This bedding for the baby

This is for London

This is the "Kura" bed that we bought for the boys,  it is in white though, not blue and we will use it like the photo below

Rowan will sleep on bottom and Mason on top (photo via google images)

the bookcase for the boys room

This is a hanging rack for backpacks, and jackets for the boys
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