Thursday, February 10, 2011


I made a list and I checked it twice.
I had an awesome and productive day.
I started it by waking up an hour early, took a nice shower blow dried and styled my hair before the kids were even done eating breakfast. oh snap.
The morning was easy peasy because there was no rush and we left for school with time to spare! It is amazing how great your day can go if you start it off smoothly.
After I took Mason to school, the kiddos and I headed to Lowes and looked at vegetable seeds, (still too early for what I wanted to plant) and bought some annuals to plant. I came home at 9:30 am, put on alice in wonderland for the kids, and I got down to business with cleaning both bathrooms and my bedroom. Isn't it sad that my room was the messiest? thats just pathetic. I picked up the kids rooms, and orange-glo'd my new hardwood floors. gosh that stuff is awesome. At 10:30 the kiddos and I headed outside, and planted our flowers, found a black widow GROSS, and pulled some weeds and had a lot of fun. And I had to put on sunscreen because at 10:30am at 65 degree weather in February, I would have burned! After we were done, we came in, I made mac n cheese for the kids, had a chicken green salad for myself and they went down for a nap at 1pm and I cleaned up the kitchen, relaxed a bit and then headed off to get Mason at 2:45pm. I got my house cleaned, my yard done, and my kids adored all in one day. I am a super mom, watch out.

here are some photos from my day....
first things first.

6 months preg

my list!

our little annuals

our renewed hardwood floors

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