Sunday, May 29, 2011

Betsey's first week....

Today is Sunday, and a week ago from today I went into labor with our little girl.
You would think that having 4 kids would make you a pro at parenting, but omg I totally forgot how to do everything. Also since this was my 4th cesarean, it hurt so much more than the others and recovery is totally kicking my butt. It took a few days for my milk to come in, and because of that Betsey has jaundice. When we left of wednesday her bilirubin was at a 12.5, we brought her in on Friday and it went up to 18.3. We were told to nurse like crazy, give her some sunshine and bring her back on Saturday to do another blood test. We thought she was looking so much better, she wasn't as orange, she was staying awake longer, nursing really well, and having lots a poopy diapers. However, after a 6 hour stay in the ER waiting for results we found out that her count went up to 21.7! We were transported to the other hospital in town, the one where she was born and admitted and started the bili lights last night. We will be here till tomorrow morning and hopefully we wont have to stay any longer than that. She loves the little "tanning bed" and nurses then goes back in with her cool shades on and falls right asleep. We were hoping at this point for our lives to start returning to normal, our other kids are extremely missed and believe it or not, don't want to stay at grandmas house anymore and want to come home and we are ready for them too.

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Jon and Jolie said...

I love that you called it a tanning bed. That's what I was thinking when Weston was under them, that and the little eye mask.. . seriously like a mini spa day! She's a cutie, Nichole.