Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's getting close to that time.
I am 35 weeks, and I am beginning to make "lists".
This particular list that I am working on, is my grocery list.
All 3 of my children have had some form of a lactose allergy.
With Mason he had severe acid reflux, and I was never advised to cut out diary from my diet even though he was pretty much exclusively breastfed until 6 months. And we were unaware of the allergy until he was 12 months old and had his first bottle of cow's milk. He outgrew the allergy by 18 months old.
London's I became aware of at 5 months old when we switched her to formula when she refuse to breastfeed due to me getting pregnant with Rowan. I don't really eat a ton of dairy, so she didn't have much of a reaction to it when I was nursing her. Rowan, it was evident right after he was born.
Cutting out dairy is easy, if you cut out meat with it.
I am a "fair-weather" vegan, and I only eat that way when it is convenient to me, or for a purpose such as this. I know, it's dumb to be like that, but that's me take it or leave it. I'll get on a 3 month soap box about it, and then go and eat a whopper. But when it comes to breastfeeding, I take it seriously, and I cut all of it out. This time I am starting it this week, well cutting out the meat first for a week then slowly incorporating milk subs so that way when our baby girl gets here I am prepared and in full non-dairy swing. She may not have milk allergies, but I am just going to play it safe for the few first months to be so sure of it because I don't want to make her sick so I can have a glass a milk, pretty darn selfish.
Some of our favorite cookbooks are :

Veganomicon, literally the bible of vegan cooking. It has everything in it. EVERYTHING.
by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Romero

Vegan with a Vengeance, same authors as the one above. It's a smaller cookbook with great breakfast and brunch options plus out weekly still favorite, Brooklyn Pad Thai.

The Conscious Cook- Tal Ronnen
Tal Ronnen loves meat, he is a manly meat eater but he has  moral conviction to not eat animal products so all of his vegan meals revolve around satisfying the meat eaters of America. Some of the dishes are "fancy smancy" but easy. Husband really likes his stuff, and have you seen Joe? He's a manly man.

I do not take dairy away from my kids, they love it. My daughter hates meat, so she is a self made vegetarian. Meat free meals are easy and after I do my shopping this week I will try and do a nightly photo post of what we have made.

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