Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a home for us.

Basically I have incredibly generous in laws who are allowing us to build on their property out in the country. And...basically, Joe and I can not decide on what type of house to build to save our lives. Joe loves modern homes, 50's post modern style. I like all of that too, but we are moving on to property in the middle of an orchard, and part of me wants a farm house with a porch that I can fill will all of my old treasures but I like modern homes and ranch styles too. It's down to these 3 houses, each incorporate a interior plan that works perfectly with what we need for our family, its the exterior we can't decide on. I can honestly envision us living in any of these homes. Wanna chime in and give your opinions? come on, I know most of you are women and allllllllllllll women have opinions....and they are wanted this time around!

* all of the extra stuff in the plans more than likely wont be included on the houses, we are just looking at the basic idea of it not into the fancy shmancy fountains and stuff :)

this is the spot:

                                                                        1. Modern

2. Ranch

3. Country

Please note that I we would change some things about this house, we would paint it possibly grey with a the red door and black shutters or white shutters....not a fan of it looking like the "white house" but I think it has a lot of potential!


Miri said...

I understand the want of porch, but I have to say mid-century Ranch style homes are the way to go. I actually lived in one built in the 50s in the Hollywood Hills, and the spaciousness of it, comfort, utility - it was like the perfect feng shui.

Have you considered having a mid-century screened in porch? When I lived in Atlanta everyone had those, and they were WONDERFUL.

LK said...

I Really like the country home. I love the jack and Jill bathroom for the kids. I think it's pretty genius. The only thing I don't really like is that you have to go into the kitchen to get into your bedroom. Seems a little strange.

I also really liked the floor plan of the modern home. It would probably be really cool to be driving in the country and see something so untraditional for it's surroundings. I also really liked the wall of windows.

I'm torn. Hoped it helped even in the least. I know that with your fab style any house you live in will be amazingly beautiful.