Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tonight Joe had to work at night, which is normally fine. But all day, my kids must have been out of sorts with him gone and literally went crazy on me. I have never experienced so much crying in my life. I made spaghetti o's for lunch, a normal fav in our house, that went over horribly. They were hitting, and screaming and throwing stuff. Many time outs later, and a migraine pill, I thought I would please them by making London's favorite thing for dinner. She looked at it ( buttered noodles with cheese ) and said "no give me cancakes (pancakes) really? you are 2, don't bark orders at me! so she sat at the table for an HOUR AND A HALF and screamed and cried and cried, which caused so much drama for the baby that he started crying and didn't eat. So what did I do, I made can cakes. I'm spent, Joe come home now....please.

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