Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Valentines Day...

We thought we were never going to find a sitter, and knew for sure not overnight. I had a headache, the kids were in a fowl mood and I felt overwhelmed. But finally, my grandma came through and we got out of the house!
We also enjoyed a very nice romantic dinner at The Purple Potato and went to see Dear John. The food was amazing. we sat and talked about how much our relationship has changed and how much we have grown. We exchanged cards with letters inside. Joe wrote me the most beautiful letter, I cried a little. It was about as manly as a "love" letter could get, but that is what made it so special because it wasn't fake, it was Joe's language and how he would have said it face to face. Four years ago, I saw Joe at our farmers market. He asked me out, I said yes. Three months later we moved in together, 2 months later we got engaged, 2 months later we eloped, 1 month later I found out I was pregnant with the lovely London Rose. London was born, she was a perfect little girl and Joe was so head over heels in love with her. When she was 5 months old, I found that I was pregnant with Rowan. We have moved into 5 different houses in 2 different cities, and now are in a home of our own that is wonderful. We are spontaneous and live our lives to the fullest and try not to feel that we need to conform to anything. We are a good family and great parents of the best children but I do not consider us typical. We rushed into things, it was hard but now that I am sitting her on my computer with all of the kids playing on the floor next to me.....I wouldn't have it any other way. As gifts for each other, we each got tattoos. It turned out to be a day at the shop with Louis. Joe got a old fashion bomb with roses and a banner that reads "London" it turned out amazing of course. Did you know that he has a tattoo for Mason? it's a pirate skull that has a banner that reads "love is thicker than blood" ( he is Mason's step-father) How awesome is that? I truly found a nice guy thats for sure, he's been such a great role model for Mason and is a great father.
I finally got my owl. I have waited 6 years to get my first tattoo. Geez what a big fuss over how bad it was going to hurt for nothing, I feel so ridiculous. I am so glad I didn't get one when I turned 18, I'm sure it would have been tacky and horrid. I decided on an owl when I was 20, but then I got pregnant and have been consecutively pregnant since 2006! It's perched upon a back door key, and is absolutely perfect. I will eventually get some roses next to it, but it was a big piece and took 5 hours.
Here are some pictures, not that great they were just taken with the iphone, I'll take some better ones when they heal.

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