Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today I woke up and was craving oatmeal. I love oats, when I go out to eat for breakfast, it's usually what I order. It's pretty much the only thing that doesn't come with a huge slab of ham, bacon or nasty sausage. I made mine today from steel cut old fashion oats, mixed some milled flaxseed in, added some brown sugar and raisins with splash of soy milk..YUM!

My 5 year old son, Mason...aka Lovie (super masculine, I know), is having a valentines day party at preschool on Friday. I was really looking forward to making homemade valentines with him but he and my husband informed me that real 5 year olds buy their valentines, not make them. He said quote on quote " thats not very cool mommy", broke my heart....I'm cool, I know I am! I guess I will just have to wait for London to get a bit older and we will make home made valentines, thank God for a daughter to do girlie stuff with.
So we headed down to the rite aid, and came home with Transformer and wild animal valentines, he was super stoked on them, I think they are alright.
I still got to get down with my mad homemaking skills, we made homemade honey whole wheat bread for lovies preschool teachers, Miss Stacey and Miss Cheryl.

I wanted something yummy and sweet to go along with the bread, but after looking at the grocery store's selection of jellies/jams and honey, they all sucked. I remembered this guy I went to KCS with had grandparents that were bee keepers and sold honey out of their apiary next to their home. I decided to take a drive down memory lane of many school field trips to their apiary and stopped by. We bought 3 jars of orange blossom honey, and it is so delicious!

My husband Joe does not cook. He can BBQ, but as for the kitchen....he makes frozen waffles for the kids. Before he met me, he was living off of the taco truck and fast food, GROSS! Joe loves two things, 1. my spaghetti 2. Brooklyn Pad Thai and of course me and the kids and God, but as for the food, those are his two main food groups. He asks for pad thai like every night, but its too spicy for the kids so I always have to end up making two separate dishes which is a pain when it comes to the time and having to clean up afterwards. Well tonight, he said "why don't I just make it" he looked up the recipe on his iphone and made it, and it turned out amazing! I am so proud of him, it was a sexy sight to see him cooking, I hope he keeps it up :)
Here's the result:

We had a lazy day today, it rained, so Joe didn't work...he works for his family's construction company. I kept on asking him this morning, are you sure you need to go in? I was looking for some extra cuddle time because it was FREEZING when we woke up. But he insisted. I texted him after he left and asked if it was going to be a short day, he texted me back with a picture of a starbucks cup. He pulled up, got out, handed me the cup and told me he was all mine for the day, yay me :) I'm a lucky girl.

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allie said...

So much delicious food! Baking bread for the teachers was such a great idea. Everybody loves homemade bread!

You and your family are very adorable. Cute blog too!