Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my tuesday

Rowan woke up at 3:30am and was ready to play, then ready to cry which then woke up his sister who wanted to wander around the house and find the cookies. Needless to say, we all fell back asleep around 4:30am and now I am completely exhausted. I was watching the news with Rowan during our little mid-night play session, Obama was addressing the deficit. I have had some doubt in him recently, just because bad press and it seems that most of the major things he has said would be finished have not been completed. My faith in the man was reaffirmed last night when he said, The deficit will have to wait till next year because our last administration for the past 10 years had has 2 wars and did not pay for them." We live in such a conservative area, where people just plain hate him, they say that he is not qualified, they love Sarah Palin (who is qualified?) and it's just hard to be open with your views here unless you are wanting the most mindless debate about it. This quote by him reminded me where we were coming from, and that this last year was probably harder than he thought and we are making progress. My husband works in construction for his families business, last year was tough and on the slow side, this year they are booked through July already.

On another note, I am really going to try to start blogging again, I am not really sure how to, but I read other women's blogs all the time so why not? I always have an opinion about everything. I have 3 kids, my days are sometimes eventful, sometimes boring. I seriously doubt anyone will read this blog, but at the same time it feels good to let out your thoughts, even if it is just to the computer screen.

Last month, Rowan turned 1 and Mason turned 5. Even though Rowan is not walking yet, I am thinking he is close because he is climbing on EVERYTHING!

We had some much needed snuggle time during our news watching session at 4am

Mason's preschool class made him a birthday book as their gift for him. I got to sit in on the class for the day, and it was wonderful. They made him feel special throughout the whole day, he is super excited about being 5 now. He goes on and talks about all the "awesome" stuff a 5 year old can do that a 4 year old couldn't. Like now he can run faster, jump higher and he said he is going to start eating more vegetables so that way he can be taller then me and put me on timeout. Whatever works kiddo. Also in the birthday book, Mason's admirer, whom he admirers also, left a very personal sweet note for him that they teacher wrote in for her. I know he will cherish this when he is older

Mason's requests for his birthday-day at schools was 1. To wear pajamas and 2. To not bring cupcakes, but to bring snickerdoodles. I planned on making homemade ones, but my best friend Hayley came into the town the night before and we made a homemade vegan chocolate birthday cake with chocolate ganache frosting for Mason and that was enough baking for my kitchen so I am a bad mom and picked up some cookies at the bakery and they worked, the kids didn't know the difference

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