Friday, May 7, 2010


Sometimes I long for friends that are like me and Joe, into the same/similar music, politics, movies, activities...etc. I have some really nice friends, and this is not referring to them. I don't like lifted trucks, and rhinestone crosses on my hats and studs on my pockets, bling. It's just not me, and I know that crap doesn't define you, but more than likely, we have nothing common. I love that my friends are diverse, I am just meaning more on a superficial level I guess. Do you ever go anywhere and think, wow I would really fit in here? I feel that way in san francisco, or even when I am in san luis. Unfortunately, I can't move. Mason's dad has a dairy here and I can not possibly even fathom trying to co-parent while living that far away. So here we are, stuck, in this small conservative town, where everyone looks alike, dresses alike, looks like "bros" listens to country music, has vote yes on prop 8 & mccain palin stickers on their gas eating lifted trucks. And no, these things do not make you a bad person or a good person, just nothing in common with me. boo hoo

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