Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I went on a little thrift store adventure last week, and I was so pumped on it because my kids were @ school/daycare for the morning and I thought that it would be a blast to have some "me" time. There is also this awesome antique store in Hanford that I wanted to go to, but never dare with all the little beasts because I know they would break something and of course it would be outrageously rare/expensive and I would be stuck with it...broken. So off I went, and to my despair, I found nothing great. A few cute little mugs, a few gold frames and that was about it! So I thought for sure I would score at the antique store, walked down to it just to see a written sign saying, "closed for the day see you tomorrow!" No, you won't see me tomorrow because I have 3 kids that are under the age of 5 that I won't have a babysitter for! bummer. So I went to work at my MIL's office that afternoon, went into her spare room and saw this adorable antique dresser and night stand. I decided to ask her where she got them and she said do you want them? yes? and she said thats not a night stand, its a sewing table....double score. I was going to paint them, but I decided they look charming as is. I also got around to hanging up some pictures in my barren front room. We haven't put up the crown molding/baseboards in here yet because we have 2013958230984 projects going on in this house right now! but here are some pictures of my finds :) I also found this adorable tablecloth at target.com and I searched for our store but the closest was in tulare, so I packed up the kiddos and drove to Tulare and bought it. I bought it much bigger than I needed because I figured I could use the extra fabric to make a cute pillow or something else. I also have been noticing for the past few weeks that my neighbors have a rose garden that has the full potential to be beautiful, but instead it's overgrown with weeks and they are holding so many flowers the branches are hanging on the ground. So I did the good neighborly thing, and made myself some lovely bouquets, and even found a peony shrub amongst them in a beautiful champaign color, perfect.

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