Tuesday, July 13, 2010

because I can....

I have a pretty stellar husband, Joe.
I'm really lucky to have him.
I'm lucky that he loves me no matter how flawed I am.
I'm lucky that he is extremely attracted to me no matter how flawed I am haha
He is a great dad to his kids, you know that when we first started dating he told me "I just want to be Mason's friend"
pretty awesome stepdad too.
Before I am even awake, he gets me coffee every Saturday morning from Rocky's, he knows the perfect cream to coffee ratio for me.
When we get in the car, he grabs the ipod and puts on music that I love, even though I know he doesn't care for it.
When he gets home from work, he starts helping me with the kids without me even asking.
He has made our home, a lovely home.
He has made it possible for me to be a SAHM.
Most of our dates include a coffee and a walk through Lowes....that what happens when you love making your house a home.
He calls me multiple times a day.
He writes me emails on his breaks.
He tells me he loves me more than I can count.
I'm a lucky girl.
I really am.


Sarah Bethuel said...

I had to laugh - mine and Ryan's dates are also almost always coffee and a walk through Home Depot or Lowes! And a once a month Costco trip - romantic if all you care about is being together right?

Katie LaPierre said...

you are a lucky girl! keep up the thankfulness for your husband. that is a rarity!!