Saturday, July 31, 2010


Today, my friend Cat invited me for a thrift store raid. I had in mind some vintage mason jars, embroidery, vintage sheets and so on, I'm not a big spender. She spent $50, and regretted it afterwards, I spent $25 and feel like a lucky girl.

Joe has been wanting a sideboard to go under the hanging flat screen in the den. However, quality danish sideboards are outrageously expensive and totally not Contente budget friendly.
We liked this one:


We found this danish sideboard/vintage record player at a church yard sale:

I asked Cat to pull over quickly because I saw it on the church lawn, we weren't planning on stopping. I saw my friend Tammy and asked her how much it was and she said name a price, took a pic with the iphone, sent to Joe, he loved it, I offered $40 the man said $10....I repeated really? and he said yes. $10 bucks my friend, 10 bucks.

I saw this candle holder at Anthropology:

Loved it. Comes in quite a few colours and sizes. However, $48 for a candle holder, yea no thanks.

Found these at Kings thrift for .50 cents a pop:

A new paint job & just as great as anthro and a fraction of the price

As we were walking in, I saw these old chair frames. I thought of how much fun it would be to redo them. A lot of stuff I liked in the store, was unpriced and we couldn't get a price until their lovely manager priced them. So I figured the chairs were included in that, but no....they were free. I snatched this one:

and Joe said he would love to refinish it for me and paint it for me. I'm going to knock out the torn back and use matching fabric there and on the seat, perfect for my front room. I just bought a new area rug for my front room & I think this Alexander Henry fabric would be perfect to go with it:

It is Irish Linen, and obviously Noah's ark, but a more feminine twist on the story. I'll be framing this & hanging it in London's re-done room. $1

Also, from the same place, is this owl painting:

I heart owls, and this was painted in 1975, I doubt thats accurate but I thought it was adorable.$3

Among the others, I found new embroidery circles for .25 a piece, I bought 6 in descending sizes, perfect for the nesting dolls I am making for London, and they will hang perfectly on her wall. Another to the list, was a very pretty green crochet doily thing, it will look perfect with my christmas decorations, and a bunt cake pan.....I didn't have one, and bunt cakes are fun to make let alone pronounce.

OH, I almost forgot. Cat bought a lamp. Then she regretted it. I loved it because the bottom is intricate, and I thought of repainting it in a shiny lacquer paint in a bright colour for my front room. Her cost $4.50, mine = free. Thanks friend :)

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