Friday, July 9, 2010


My husband is supervising a project in Yosemite. It started two weeks ago, and has another week left. We took the RV up to Groveland, camped out the first week with the kids, the second week just the two of us, and the whole clan back up again Sunday.
The RV park has a swimming pool, playground and full hook ups including Bravo, so I got to keep updated on my reality tv obsession while the kids were napping. The RV has bunk beds inside, plus a queen size bed, a full size bed and a twin.....sweet deal for the 5 of us. While Joe was at work, we played, swam, explored, painted & colored. I had so much fun, probably just as much as they did. On the week that it was just Joe and I, I did some hiking up to the waterfalls, and around the park. It is so beautiful there, with great weather. We also saw a bear every single day we were in yosemite. There is a meadow there that the brown bears love to be in. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any good pictures of them. There was a sign that said that last year, 29 bears were killed in yosemite by cars, so sad. But I did get some great pictures of the deer we saw, so beautiful. A baby buck came right up to me and started sniffing my shorts. I didn't touch him, because I was afraid to scare him but it was amazing. Totally hit home how disgusting it is that people shoot these creatures for fun. sick.
But here are some photos from my phone from our trip, I don't have very many of the kiddos on here those are on the camera and I don't feel like dealing with it right now.

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