Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20 weeks pregnant.

I realized that I never posted an update on my doctors appointment on the 10th. We went and saw a perinatologist in Fresno, and had a 4D ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the "mass" in the baby's heart was actually just calcium which is completely normal and common. In fact, so common that when they see that in ultrasound at their office they don't even bother telling the patient about it. It was amazing news to hear. We got some beautiful photos of our baby girl, which I put up on a later post because I left the photos in the car and it's freezing outside and I'm in my pj's now.

So this past week Joe and I have been batteling about baby names. I really love the names Ruby and Norah and he does not. Then I mentioned Betsey Jane and he said I love that, and I said me too! perfect!! our baby girl is no longer nameless. I am now 20 weeks and feeling pretty great and pretty huge. I have been following weight watchers online using the breastfeeding option as a guide to help me not put on a obscene amount of weight. I used it with Rowan and it helped a lot. But last week I just didn't feel like counting points or watching food so I ate whatever I wanted to and it felt amazing. I also noticed a big growth in my stomach, not sure if it's from the food or the baby. I'm still able to fit into most of my regular jeans, mainly because I carry so so high.  I feel the baby move and kick all the time, it's wonderful.
20 weeks

I colored my hair, got a trim and gave myself DIY bangs.


allie said...

cute outfit, cute baby bump, and cute new hair! i wish i had the cuts to trim my own bangs, yours look pretty but i'm afraid i'd make mine look like whoa.

allie said...

oh haha, and i wish i had the GUTS too ;)