Friday, January 7, 2011

baby room and kid room ideas!

OK since my last post was so heavy, I'll post a fun one. It's about baby and kid room ideas for our home, that's fun isn't it?

So these are some rooms that I LOVE via

Joe will be making these for the boys room!
I love EVERYTHING about this room, the hanging beds, the colors, the simplicity. Love it. was built by the kids dad, all materials purchased at Home Depot!

This room is awesome too. When the new baby comes, he/she will be co-sleeping in our room because of breastfeeding and just peace of mind. But as far as sharing a room space, we aren't sure who's room they will be in! London's room is super small, and the boys room is a long rectangle. Joe had suggested taking out the closet doors and building a bed in the closet to save space. The room below really shows a  great way to do that, and the dad built it all himself. 

I love the use of space in a rectangle shaped room, plus the modern & vintage feel to it. 

I am re-doing London's room with a vintage quilt that my great grandmother started before she passed. It is white with red rosettes and the room will be painted robin's egg blue on top and the wainscoting an antique white to match her furniture. The next room shows very closely to what I am looking for in London's room, and if we have another girl what the room would look like for two. I would personally add a few more feminine touches, because London is a girly girly girl.

So the next rooms, are just great rooms that were featured on the site that I love and I got some inspiration for the new rooms from. What so fun about kids rooms, is that it can be 100% done by you, with a little bit of creativity,  a little recycling, a little antiquing, you can have a completely unique creative space for your kids that doesn't have to break your wallet & doesn't have to be "themed" or look like you copied the entire thing from Target. Even though, I do love Target.....everyone does right?

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Raquel Leal said...

Super cute ideas! Have you checked out this blog?
She has lots of DIY projects and her boys and girls rooms are adorable!