Sunday, January 9, 2011

our baby is a........


a girl, a sweet baby girl.


I know, I know, the gender was supposed to be a surprise. But after our deliverance of bad news at the ultrasound, I asked her if she saw what we were having and she looked at me and said "a princess". I had happy tears before the sad freaked out tears started.
I felt so guilty for finding out though because Joe was really looking forward to being excited about it being a surprise at delivery.
I had to think of a way to make it special. I hurried home to my pink-eyed children and told them we had to make a special cake to tell daddy. I was so low on pantry items, I had to get super creative and didn't want to venture out in the cold with my daughter's green eye boogers. So we made a sign that said "Boy or Girl??" and then we made a small cake with strawberry filling (thank god for my smoothie cravings and having frozen strawberries) I was out of eggs, so I made it vegan with applesauce in place of the eggs, and almond milk for the milk. We frosted it, threw a ton of multi colored sprinkles on it and put a big giant question mark on it with red frosting. Then we used little paper banners that said " strawberry filling for a girl" "blueberry filling for a boy". Totally makeshift, but it was sweet and made with great intentions. Joe was so sad from the news of the baby so when he came home and saw it when he walked in he was like "oh my God you know? you know really?" and I said "yes" he ran to that cake and cut it so fast! and then he was so happy. I didn't get pictures of the reaction because I was so caught up in the moment of it all. A very special time for us. We are very lucky and blessed people, because we have gotten exactly what gender we wanted with each child. Boy Girl Boy Girl. Perfect. I have already planned out the nursery, she will be sharing a room with her big sister. London is so super excited! She said " now I have a baby sister of my very own for my room" and I said " she's not a decoration London" and she said " well Mason can have Rowan now" hahaha they fight like cats and dogs, she easily gave him up. So here is our happy happy happy news. I wanted to try and wait and not tell anyone till the baby was born, but hey everyone knows I have a big mouth. We waited to share the news with our family till tonight at Sunday family dinner, so now it's fair game for the rest of the world to know. As for names, Joey really wanted to name the baby Finley for either gender. But I feel that is a boy name, you know Fin for short. And I don't like it.  My other choices when I had London were June, Ruby or Fiona and I am really leaning towards Ruby. Ruby Lane. I also like Norah a lot. But when I told London the choices she said "RUBY! like Max and Ruby!!!"
too. cute.

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