Monday, January 24, 2011

because it's cool

quilting that is.
in fact, all crafting is.

It is such a great feeling to make something for your kids, and not just their beds, or dinner. I wish that I would have started earlier with the whole learning how to sew process. I was raised by my grandma, hey g-ma Sharon!, and she was/is a phenomenal seamstress. She used to make all of her clothes in high school, think late 50's pencil skirts with matching cardigans. Her mother, aka g-ma June, made lots of quilts.  She made one for me when I was little, made one for my son Mason when he was born and was in the midst of making one for my daughter London, who was still in my womb, but she discovered she had brain cancer and quickly deteriorated and was unable to finish. One of my main goals was the finish the quilt for London and to use it as at the main focal point in her room. However, I was looking over it yesterday and I think it is way beyond my sewing skills. My grandma was ill when she started it so It needs some repair, plus to be finished. I'm pretty bummed about it, I did find some cute Ikea bedding to use instead. And I will still finish it. One thing that did perk me up was that Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave has a Modern Patchwork e-course that I will be taking. It will hopefully make me confident enough to finish it, plus make a ton of cute stuff for my kiddos and home. Check it out!
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KK said...

Hey Nicole, I just ordered my first sewing machine from a place called Quilters Quarters in Hanford. They offer sooo many sewing and quilting classes from beginners to advanced. I will be going once my sewing machine comes in and my Aunt Sandra will also be helping me.

Jon and Jolie said...

you will love sewing. . . it will change your life! I promise! If you need anything, let me know!