Sunday, January 23, 2011

no sunday funday for us.

We didn't have a good day at the Contente home. We stayed home from church because Rowan has had a fever for the past couple of days and it's here with a runny nose, lack of appetite, the sleepies and a case of the "whines". My hardworking husband is slaving away at tearing up the tile that covers 90% of our home to refinish the hardwood floors hiding beneath. Due to that we are confined to a small space in the house. Kings County has been plagued with pretty bad fog, and grey skies but today the sun actually peeped through. So you would think that while the baby was napping off his fever, that I would want to get out of our confined space in the house and take London to the park, or for a walk, or just to play outside in the sunshine, right? I didn't. Instead my poor daughter stayed couped up inside watching The Princess and the Frog like 3 times, Dora the Explorer, and anything else that was on netflix. She would have loved to go outside, she even asked to go out and blow bubbles at one point. But I was in a funk. I didn't want to do a single thing. The most I got done today, was reloading the dishwasher and showering. The laundry remained in a big heaping pile in the den, the kids rooms are a mess, the toilet needs to be scrubbed, and my daughter needed to get outside. But I did nothing. Total fail in our house. I stayed on the couch next to her with the laptop in my lap searching through etsy, ikea and target for baby stuff. I could have at least gotten out the paints, and crayons for her, or the playdough...something. I feel so bad. So unfair for her. Nothing is worse than being stuck in a house when all you want to do is get outside, and unfortunately for London, she is only 3 and can not venture outside by herself.
What on earth am I going to do when the new baby gets here and there is 4 kids? My kids can't afford for their mother to ignore them like this. I apologized to her before bed tonight for doing anything fun, and I will make it up to her tomorrow. I am not super mom, I don't think I ever will be.
Thank God tomorrow is a new day.

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