Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's going to be December 1st tomorrow!
I have put a little decor up, if you follow me on IG you have seen the photos of it, I will start with more tomorrow. We have the lights up outside, first year doing color and I am liking it! its fun.
I have always done very muted colors for christmas, lots of dark golds and silvers, burlap and lace with just a little touch of color. But this year I was gifted a fabulous vintage tinsel tree so I am going to play up the vintage pastels and teals along with the gold and silver so lots of color in our home.
We got an head start on our gift buying as well. The kids toys are purchased, we are pretty simple with gifts. And I am making a quilt for Betsey out of some fabrics, new and vintage I have been collecting via crafts stores and thrift/antique stores. The boys we will be making a chalkboard wall in their room framed with molding and I am going to be making London a felt board! I am so excited for her to have one, I had one as a child and had lots of fun with it plus I think it would be useful for homeschool as well for story telling.
Here are some ideas that I have pulled via pinterest (of course )

Source: via Alisa on Pinterest

I am going to be doing a lot of crafting this upcoming weekend, hopefully no sick kids so I can get some work done. Making some pom and paper garland, some felt ornaments, a tree skirt and hopefully painting my dreadful kitchen! I hope you guys are getting into the Christmas spirit, 25 days!!

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