Sunday, December 4, 2011


This cold weather is wonderful. It was 26 degrees last night! ahh love it.
We even let the doggies all sleep in the house, had to lock up our chocolate lab Coffee....she chews, but she didn't mind.
I have almost all of the Christmas decorations up! We are going to get a tree this week, then I will do the tree. We have a vintage tinsel tree and a small tree in the den that has all of Joe's baseball ornaments on it but I want a real one this year. My grandma gave me all of her ornaments, so I have some from when she was little, my dad and aunt renee's homemade ornaments and then some from when I was a child. I love unthemed trees. I think that they should be a story of your life, your first ornament for your first home, a child first christmas, a place that you visited, ornaments your children make with you or in Sunday school. I even have my great grandmother June's handmade quilted tree skirt.  Those are my favorite types of trees. I do have new ornaments as well, for my birthday last year Joe gifted me with lots of pretty ones from Anthro, plus some filler bulbs I got at target. We went to our little towns Christmas Parade last night. Super cute, the kids loved it. We were given a box of gingerbread cookies by a local grocer and the kids had fun with that. It was super super cold, like 30 degrees. I froze, the kids were dressed super warm. We came home and made hot chocolate while I whipped up some Pioneer Woman fried pork chops with mashed potatoes. What? they were low fat......I swear :)
We are sitting this Sunday inside, with football on the tv and a fire going. I made linguica and eggs with toast this morning before we were getting ready for church and as I looked across the table at my two middle children I noticed how RED their eyes were. pink eye. 
We have been plagued with sickness this winter, from a vicious cold cycle that hit everyone twice, to the flu, to a stomach virus and now this. 
my poor kiddos.
and I miss the outside world, I miss going to church, I miss my kids getting to play with other kids.
Hopefully this is it.
Here are some photos from yesterday, decor & the parade. sorry for the blurry photos, I was shivering when I took them.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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