Wednesday, July 21, 2010

because I wanna be Jennifer Hudson...

I posted a little bit ago about my fatty-ness. I went camping, it was so flippin hot the whole time, that the kids and I did zero hiking. We lounged in the pool and stayed in the shade. I got no exercise. I came home, weighed myself....gained 7lbs. I literally sobbed. Fail. Total Fail.
Whats so strange is that in 2 days after that, I lost 9lbs. I guess it was water weight? I don't know. These past couple of weeks in yosemite I have been like a crazy water buffalo...couldn't wear my wedding ring, cankles...I looked like a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy.
So I guess in all after that, I lost 2 lbs?
Whoopty flippin do.
So to do something about it. I busted out the double jogger, I've been walking 2 miles every morning with the kids, I am doing Jillians 30 day work out every other day.
Lost another 1.8lbs
total count 3.8 lbs
Food is my issue, carbs. They will be the death of me, or the making of cellulite on my thighs, whatever.
I joined online weight watchers! tomorrow, day 1. I am doing a week long trial, to see if I can stick to it.
Jennifer Hudson was super convincing in the commercial.

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