Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i love photo booth

I have been so busy these past couple of days.
For people that really know me, know that I am a messy person. Now, don't mistaken that with dirty, just messy. But I have been so diligent lately about keeping everything picked up, and let me tell you, picking up after myself is fine, picking up after 3 kids and a husband, is full time work.
But my house looks quite lovely thanks to it.

Also, London is always burping. I mean, I rarely ever hear her burp but she is always saying she has and I hear her from my room saying, excuse me I burped. Then she was in the tub and farted super loud it vibrated off of the tub and make tons of bubbles, looked up at me and said "excuse me, I burped". So London doesn't burp a lot, she farts a lot. I kind of like that she says burp instead, a little more lady like. She has also learned a lesson from throwing tantrums, she has turned them into to polite protests full of "no thank you mommy!" "Will you please leave me alone" yup she's a smart one.
She is also the most loving of all of my 3 children, always happy to hand out kisses and hugs and always says i love you first.

Rowan had started saying more full sentences, like "look at that", " my Bizz (buzz lightyear", " yea no tanks", "i do it" ,"get down","go way". He is also climbing on everything and has decided that he no longer likes to sit in his booster seat at the table, but prefers to sit on the table to eat. Fine by me except at dinner. Like really, who cares if he sits on the table to eat french toast or have a sandwich? So not a big deal. He has also discovered how much fun it is to jump on the bed.

Mason came back from his dads house for the week. My gosh, he looks like he has grown 6 inches. He is such a handsome little man. I totally got his school dates mixed up with the pre-k class at MIQ. He is actually starting August 18th instead of Sept. 1, which completely breaks my heart, so not ready for him to grow up. sigh. He also watched sandlot for the first time. He has declared that it is the coolest movie ever. At first I was a bit hesitant to let him watch it, and now I know why.
Mason: London you have buffalo butt breath!
London: Mason said I have uffalo butt!
ME: Mason you play ball like a girl
Mason: well thats because i'm only 5 years old.
Then I realized that he didn't get it, that I was just repeating the next line in the movie and that I had hurt his feelings. I then had to reaffirm that he is a great ball player and does not have any feminine qualities other than the pouty lips he inherited from me.

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Sarah Bethuel said...

You can tell Mason I grew up with Wendy Peppercorn and her sisters. I still see them sometimes when I visit my home church. Her mom directed all the little kids choirs and plays when I was young.

Oh - and I laughed when I read London was "burping" When Taylor was little every time she would fart she would giggle and say: "Mama - my bottom burped!"