Friday, July 30, 2010

morning thus far.

we started with a tea party & grapes for breakfast
(oj for london, coffee for me)

Rowan had some banana yogurt for breakfast, then I rinsed him off in the shower and he got a haircut. Joe said he had a mullet this morning, so it was time for a trim. Let me add, it is quite difficult to cut a 18 month old boys hair, they do not sit still. But i have found that if I put him in the bathroom sink with his toothbrush and an copious amount of toothpaste, he will entertain himself quietly and play with the water faucets giving me just the right amount of time to trim his hair. Beauty school my senior of high school has become very resourceful as a mom.

Rowan displaying perfect manners while enjoying yogurt & pre-trim:

Handsome boy post-trim:

He has some stray hairs behind his ears, I'll have to get them when he falls asleep for a nap. The nice thing about Rowan having curly hair, is that his uneven sides appear more forgiving when he refused to sit still towards the end of the haircut.

Mason took all of the cushions off the couch to make into a pile to jump on, but I guess he tired out because I went in the den to see how it was going and he was on the floor reading his new magazine. He pointed out a bug that was pooping out bubbles in the water, or as London would say "burping". By the way, when does the fascination with bodily functions end for boys?

Last by not least, London got to wear her favorite shirt today. It is not my favorite shirt of hers, but she loves it....

I made it work though, with this adorable nesting doll hair clip

Well, this has been our morning thus far and it is only 9:13am. Now, I must start my lovely housewife duties because as Joe's Va told me,
"no one else is going to clean your house"
I love Frances.

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