Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 years ago today

Rowan turned 3 years old today.
I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with him. Feels like yesterday.
London was only 5 months old, Mason was 3. I cried in the exam room when I met with my midwife. She told me to get it together and left the room and when she came back and I had stopped bawling like a baby she said "You'll never be able to imagine your life without this baby so lets move forward and be happy". Babies are blessings, getting pregnant is a joyous thing. But at the time, I felt overwhelmed with my two little ones. We said we were "done" we had one boy and one girl. Joe was really slow with work it was at the peak of the downfall with the economy in construction and money was really tight.  I was stressed about us not being able to make it work. We were living in a tiny little 800 sq ft house and it was crowded with the 4 of us. It was just bad timing to have a baby. It's funny how we have our own time table of how life is supposed to happen. God's plan was different than mine. When I left the office, I felt better than when I had arrived. When I came home and told Joe. He threw up. I giggled. I thought it was funny, shoot I still think it's a little funny when he throws up over silly things like the kids boogers ending up on his face and stuff like that. Sorry babe.
But we soon became super stoked on baby #3. Even more stoked to find out that #3 was a boy!!! I attempted a vbac with Rowan. Attempted is loosely stated. My ob/gyn would not allow me to go past my due date with him. So on my due date, a Friday, I drank a bottle of castor oil. Nothing happened. So I drank another bottle, got violently ill but contractions started. However they were false contractions and I ended up with being dehydrated and a cesarean. During my cesarean, Dr. B said "who has red hair in the family" and I said well my moms is kind of a reddish brown. Next I heard a baby cry and she lifted him up and he had a full head of bright orange red hair!!! I had a blonde, brunette & a red head. He had some difficulty breathing. You see, I was still exclusively nursing London when I got pregnant with Rowan. I hadn't a cycle yet. One day London literally refused to nurse. So I had to buy formula. I ended up feeling super nauseous a few days later and I took a home pregnancy test and it lit up like a Christmas tree. The nurse told me that being pregnant changes breast milk and that's why London wouldn't nurse. So long story short, I didn't have a cycle to go by for a due date. They did an ultrasound and it put me at January 17th. But in reality Rowan was more due around the first week of February. He was completely covered in vernix and was blue. It was scary. I didn't hold him till he was 10 hours old. I cried so much the first time he was in my arms. I pestered the NICU nurses every 30 minutes with my phone calls to see if he was OK. I didn't know how we were going to make it financially, or how I was going to find space in our tiny home for him, or how I was going to handle having 2 infants and a toddler.....but you know what? we did just fine. And I honestly miss that little house and so does Mason because we were always together. One thing about not having a lot of money is that you spend a lot of time home together as a family. Deb was right, I can't imagine my life without Rowan. He makes me smile every single day, and laugh a lot too...especially when he dances to the last scene in Despicable Me. He loves Star Wars, matchbox cars and duplo blocks. He loves to be outside playing in the dirt and eats like a horse and is as skinny as can be. He loves his yellow blankie and never leaves home without it. He is the Contente family Linus. His favorite color is blue. He is very shy but insanely bold when it comes to things like just taking cookies off of the counter when he feels like it. He lives in his rain boots. At every meal he thanks God for "my mommy & my friends" even though he is a total daddy's boy, that kid is thankful for his Mom <3  I love him with every fiber of my being. He was a wonderful surprise and I am glad that I believe in a God who knows whats best for me. He knew that we needed a little guy like Rowan at that exact time in our lives. "Before I formed you in your mother's womb, I knew you..." Jeremiah 1:5. I am so very thankful for Rowan. He makes me happy and brings so much good stuff to our family.
Here are some photos from pregnancy till now:

 I love you Rowan, happy birthday son.

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