Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my heart is content(e)

barefoot & pregnant in the kitchen...literally.

I realized today that I was pregnant last year on Valentines day, and this year I am pregnant again.
Yes, we are having another one, our 5th baby is due at the end of October.
Yes, this baby was planned.
No, I am not wanting a reality television show.
No, I am not crazy.
No, I do no want to be Michelle Duggar, even though I do like her show.
Yes, my hands are full, and they have been full since 2007.
Is it hard work? of course!
Is it worth it? you bet.
Will we have more kids? I don't know, we are taking it one cesarean at a time.
Oh and the last question that was asked on facebook.... how on earth do you afford it?
We just do. We always seem to manage and I never feel like we go without. Do we go out to dinner every night or drive a mercedes? No. Do I want that? No. I am very content with my life and what we have, and my children are happy. We don't view our kids as a financial burden, or something that we have to deal with. We love them. We are extremely grateful for them, and they bring us an insane amount of joy.
We are extremely excited. Our entire family is very excited for us. Our kids are so stoked. Mason wants another sister, and Rowan wants the baby to be a the pumpkin king (go figure) &  London keeps on saying I am having 3 boys.  It's starting to worry me because she flat out told me I was pregnant 2 weeks ago.
Me, Joe, Rowan & Betsey 2-14-11


Erica said...

I am so happy for you guys. It is so great that you guys want to have a big family. Your kids are blessed to have parents that care so much for them. I find it funny all the facebook comments sometimes people can be inconsiderate and not filter because its not in person. I have it happen all the time. Lol it would be so funny if London was correct.She seems to be very discerning. Congrats and I wish you guys the best! I love reading your posts about your kids and your life. I follow your facebook all the time. I guess I never really comment so you wouldnt know lol. Anyway Congrats!

Mrs. Cheerio said...

Yay! Another prego! I'm due in October, too. Congratulations and i love your perspective on your family.